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Learning Science by Doing Science

We love learning science by doing science: Our approach separates education from rote memorization, regurgitation, and indoctrination. We advocate getting our “hands dirty” in the laboratory through active participation in our research and educational programs.

Promote Critical Thinking and Cognitive Reasoning

Our programs are designed to engage the citizen scientists in increasingly more complex problem-solving research activities as they apply what they already know to unfamiliar problems.

Combat Exclusion from Science

To become informed citizens is a civic responsibility with far reaching implications for innovation, discovery, and policy development. To accomplish this, science must be accessible to all and must value influences by diverse peoples while encouraging different approaches to problem solving.

Collaboration and Shared Science

We foster cooperative learning strategies that combine the expertise and experience of our citizen scientists and instructors. We also strongly assert that science shared freely is a good idea not just in principle only and we certainly encourage publication of our results in peer-reviewed science journals and other forums.

Kansas City Metro's free citizen science laboratory.


​TrySci Community Biolabs is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation open access public research laboratory.
We are a publicly supported organization.

Our Mission is to promote citizen participation, to achieve scientific literacy, and to provide guidance and education in biomedical research. Using a hands on approach to learning science, we provide free open access to a biomedical research program including lab space, reagents, equipment, courses, and lectures. Central to our mission is the understanding that diversity of ideas and approaches to science is key to advances in the biomedical field and therefore we seek to broaden the field's perspective by actively engaging in outreach and mentoring to both women and minorities in science.


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Nina Shu

Business Plan Writer/Consultant
Nina Shu holds a B.S. in Bioengineering and minor in Business Administration from the University of Washington (Seattle Campus). Loves communication science.
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Dr. David S. Garbe

Senior Research Investigator Ph.D.
Senior Research Investigator in the Sehgal lab at the University of Pennsylvania studying molecular & genetic factors that regulate sleep and circadian rhythms. Dave has authored 12 scientific articles and has given numerous talks at scientific conferences.
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Maris Pozo

Marketing Director
Mary is member of the American Marketing Association with over 9 years of exp. Holds a double Major in Business Marketing and Technology Management from SUNY and a Digital Communications Strategies Program from NYU.
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Angel Mote

Science Illustrator & Curriculum Development
Angel Mote is a 2nd year undergraduate student attending North Carolina A&T. Mr. Mote is pursuing his interest in the medical field, majoring in nursing.

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