July 28, 2016



TrySci Community Biolabs is a non-profit open-access biomedical research laboratory resolved to promote citizen participation in discovery-based research. Our programs are designed to provide education and mentoring in the fields of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.  At TrySci, as we learn science by doing science, we emphasize thinking both critically and creatively. Our doors are open to the general public, anyone ranging from a college student looking to gain valuable research experience through her investigations in fly development to sweet grandma or grandpa wanting to use worms to learn more about genetics; all while getting out and having fun!

Our Purpose

– To provide open access to our program including lab space, reagents, state of the art equipment, specially-designed courses and engaging lectures at no cost to the citizen scientist: Free of Charge.

– To achieve scientific literacy, thereby enabling our citizens to make better informed decisions regarding science, policy, and change.

– We seek to broaden and shift the field’s perspective by actively engaging in outreach  and mentoring with programs that focus on women and underrepresented  minorities in science.

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