August 7, 2016


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Our Projects

At TrySci Community Biolabs our projects are designed to engage the community scientist in a research-based curriculum that explores scientific methods and concepts through inquiry-based learning at no costs to the scientist. Our approach is interactive and experiential which educates the researcher in ways a textbook cannot.

We are committed to promoting public awareness and scientific engagement through open-access to our hands-on laboratory program.

Our Organisms

The organisms we use at TrySci Community Biolabs are among the top and most popular  model organisms used in science today and for good reason. They share many of the same essential biological processes with humans and the biological insights gained from using them have helped us to better understand human health and disease. Our citizen scientists can employ the use of these well-established experimental systems. All of which can be easily manipulated having readily accessible research tools and experimental methods that make it ideal for studying biology (Life). Take a closer look and get to know the power they provide for scientific inquiry.

Common features of Model Organisms

  • Small

  • Grows quickly (has short life-cycle and short life-span)

  • Has high fecundity (has many progeny)

  • Easy and cheap to maintain in the laboratory

  • Availability of resources and tools to study important questions

  • Similarities to human biology

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* worm crawl is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license here